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There are several steps to obtaining beautifully shaped eyebrows, and it will update and refine your look instantly!

A few helpful hints:

    • Do not over-tweeze.  Full brows are more modern than thin, not to mention that over-tweezing will make you more likely to have to pencil in your brows later on in life.
    • Look at your skincare therapist’s eyebrows.  If you like the way they look, ask if the shape will suit your bone structure.  If so, as that they mimic their brow shape on you. Don't worry about "copying" their look - when it comes to beauty technicians, imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. As always, If you don’t know how to describe exactly what you want verbally, find a picture of the perfect brow arch to show your aesthetician.


    • Try not to pencil or shade in brows unless absolutely necessary. If you must fill in your brows because of sporadic growth, try using a firm flat brush with powder that is one shade lighter than your hair color. Dip the brush in water, blot with a towel and dust off prior to applying.  Subtle application is key. Lay a piece of toilet paper flat against your under-eye catch loose powder.
    • Finish by applying clear mascara to sweep your brows into place.



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