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They say woman "dream of their wedding day since they are little girls" creating a huge order to fill by hair and makeup designers across the globe. Fortunately, with a little planning, this collaboration can send the bride to the alter with her dreams of beauty fulfilled, and create a stamp of pride for the designers portfolio.

The "Trial Run"

Prior to the big day, have a “trial” hair-run with your hairstylist to find the perfect coiffure.  Bring your dress (or a photo of it) and your veil to the trial.  Creating the ideal hairstyle depends on your overall look; dress style, your body type, and of course, your personality. 

Once you have created a plan for perfect bridal hair, accent it with complementary bridal makeup. Explain to your bridal makeup artist the overall feel of the look you desire.  Modern dress and hair deserves modern makeup, just as romantic and ethereal calls for a softer look.

You will almost definitely have to pay full price for all appointments, but shedding an extra hundred dollars or so, might be worth eliminating unwanted tears on your big day.  




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