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Lip balm is addictive.  For women who enjoy wearing lip color, it is a perfect primer; for those who don't, it is lipstick. Dry lips are uncomfortable and unattractive a real pain.  To combat dry lips, head to the root of the problem... and relieve them permanently!  The following tips and ingredients are the best cures to reduce dryness and enhance natural color while keeping your lips noticeably soft.

Stimulate: Use a soft bristled toothbrush and massage lips gently and in a circular motion before applying lip balm. 

Tip: Avoid licking your lips, this removes moisture rather than supplying it.   

Apply Sunscreen: Dry, cold weather and sun are the foremost culprits of chapped lips. Your lips are far more delicate than your complexion so sunscreen is a must.  Make certain your chosen lip balm has sunscreen if not, apply sunscreen as a base. (Avoid sunscreens with these Estrogenic-enhancing ingredients:  Benzophenones, PABA and PABA esters, Cinnamates, Salicylates, Digalloyl trioleate, Menthyl anthranilate)

Apply Honey: Not only will honey keep your skin smooth, but it is also a great way to keep your lips healthy too! Honey contains naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients which are absorbed by your lips leaving them kissable and soft. Dab it on and let it soak in.

Wear Lipstick: If your lips are chapped, wear lipstick instead of liner.  Because it is opaque, it acts as a sunscreen and is usually made with moisturizing properties.

Take a Daily Supplement: Multi-vitamins offer seemingly endless benefits to our health and appearance.  B-12 and iron help produce moisture beneath the lips.

Drink Plenty of Water: It moisturizes from the inside out!  Moisture retention reduces with age avoid long term wrinkles surrounding your lips by drinking plenty of water daily.

Use Anti-bacterial Ointment: If your lips are red, they are likely infected.  Apply Neosporin twice a day.




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