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Years of training goes into the creation of a talented cutting designer... especially at a large salon that boasts "continuous education."  That does not, however, require us to spend a fortune obtaining a well crafted hairstyle nor do we need to settle for a mediocre haircut just because our budget is tight. It just takes a bit of research and a little know-how to get exactly what you want. 

Case in Point?  The overpopulated salon where you are ushered in an out with herds of other salon-goers, waiting for your carefully monitored slot of 30 or 45 minutes before being swapped for the next customer. It's a little, um, impersonal.  But there are benefits to forgoing the personal atmosphere that many privately owned salons provide... a large salon may actually offer you more for your money overall.  Here's Why:

Upsides (Friend)

  • There are many stylists in various price ranges to choose from
  • Continued education for designers to learn new cutting techniques, styles and trends
  • Option for a re-cut if unsatisfied
  • Longer business hours
  • Referrals for other services
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Free bang-trims

Downsides (Foe)

  • Impersonal customer service representatives
  • Rush service
  • Unexpected up-charges
  • Longer wait times at the salon

Judge the pros and cons, then decide for yourself. 




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