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Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? Think of it as a wrapper holding your body together, protecting everything inside of you.  When you apply products, your skin drinks the ingredients in, ushering them directly to your blood stream, tissues, and other organs.  Every time you apply body lotion, for example, you are affecting all of your organs...  so it only makes sense to nourish with healthy, natural, and nutrient rich ingredients. 

The meaty fruit of the papaya is rich with the powerful enzyme papain, which moisturizes the skin from the inside while rapidly breaking down food in the body, aiding in digestion.  This island fruit increases circulation and is a super-star fighter against premature aging. Note: Unripe papayas carry more papain than ripened.

Other benefits of the papaya include:

    • Rich in carotene, vitamin C, vitamin A, arginine, and carpaine, the papaya carries enzymes that boost male fertility and decrease blood clotting
    • Drinking papaya juice reduces infections of the colon
    • Studies show that ripe papayas prevent cancer in organs and glands with epithelial tissues
    • Prevents morning sickness and motion sickness
    • Polishes and sloughs dead skin cells
    • Gently softens skin without oily residue

Apply it to your skin, eat it, drink the juice - reap the benefits of this lovely tropical fruit while swimming in the awesome health benefits that the papaya provides.




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