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In the first half of the 20th century, women embraced red lipstick as a symbol of power, austerity and femininity.  But with the women's movement, the ideal of a made-up woman changed.  With the burning of the bra came pale lip gloss, electric blue eye-shadow, bold mascara and fake lashes a general call for more "undone" looks. Today, we are not what we wear. Modern-day fashion and beauty is a form of self expression and changing our style can happen as often as every day.  

So, if the time-honored red lip is part of your beauty repertoire, apply and wear it correctly. 

    • Find the right shade for your skin tone.  Typically, red with blue undertones works well for olive

    and dark skin, and red with orange undertones works well for pale skin.

    To find the right color: Go to a department store and work with one of the makeup artists from your preferred brand.

    • Accentuate the lip by flaunting flawless looking skin.  Use concealer to remove red areas and

    wear bronzer.  Avoid too much blush, heavily drawn eyebrows, and overly smoked eye makeup

    to keep the look sophisticated. 

    • Use lip liner.  Red lipstick bleeds, but liner keeps the color lip-locked. Be certain to blend liner

    with lip color and opt for a lipstick and pencil that offer the same depth of color.

    • On some occasions it is perfectly appropriate to wear eye makeup with a red lip - subtly.

    Use earth- toned eyeliners: black, charcoal, gray, brown and sage.  The key for a clean look,

    is to downplay both the eye and lip slightly - subtle smolder on the eye and blotted red on the lip.

    • Wear either very dark or very light nail polish – avoid matching the exact shade of your lips
    to your polish.  



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