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False eyelashes are a fun, sure-fire way to enhance your eyes, and not as tricky to apply as one might assume.  For a special occasion or just for fun, these embellishments add intrigue to already beautiful eyes. 

  1. Find the right length and color for you.  Use brown for pale lashes and dark brown or black for dark lashes. 
  2. Trim length to 1/8 inch longer than your natural lashes. 
  3. Prep face so it is completely free of any dirt, oil or makeup residue.
  4. Add small amount of glue to base of the lash and let dry slightly for thirty seconds.
  5. Place base as close to the lash line as possible, following the natural curve of your eyelashes. 
  6. Use a toothpick or tweezers to adjust placement.
  7. If using corner lashes (cat-eye), apply three to edge of lash line. 
  8. Apply makeup, carefully using liner.  Use mascara for maximum drama.

Add a couple of single faux fur lashes to the outer edges of the eyes for a subtle, sleepy look or across the entire eye for bold drama - either way, you will create a more feminine eye.  




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