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This decadent accoutrement to facials, massages and pedicures is so much more than just a spendy indulgence or an ideal birthday gift. Luxurious and pampering, the use of hot stones also releases muscle tension by breaking up toxins, making it a healthy and worthy add-on.

Hot stones are typically made from basalt, a condensed volcanic matter that retains heat. Once soaked in boiling water, they heat from within and are placed on pressure points - usually used in conjunction with Swedish massage techniques (long-stroked movements.) Typically, this service includes the use of tropical extracts and aromatherapy oils.

Caution: Using hot stones requires training and can cause reverse therapy if done improperly. It is recommended that you find a therapist with experience using hot stones and one that you feel comfortable with. Be mindful of the pressure being used - if it feels like too much pressure then it probably is.

Recommendation: Drinking large amounts of water with any body service will flush out the toxins, so gulp it down and avoid drinking alcohol following a detoxifying spa treatment.



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