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Pouty Lips: sexy, sophisticated, simple. In fact, the pouty lip is so darn popular and desirable that makeup companies are devoting much time, money and research in creating super lip-pumping products. This look is perfect for day or night and takes a back seat, letting other features shine while still looking polished and beautiful.

Before consulting lip plumpers, try these clever makeup tricks to help your kisser subtly stand out:

  • Exfoliate lips with a warm washcloth
  • Moisturize with unscented, natural lotion (lotion is a super chapstick!)
  • Line lips with a nude color
  • Fill in with matching lipstick
  • Dab pale eye shadow in the center of your bottom lip to highlight
  • Finish with a small dab of gloss in the center of the upper and lower lip is desired.

 Poof!   Pouty lips achieved!  



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