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Winter weather brings excitement to our closet and offers an opportunity to add excitement to our look while covering up imperfections.

Winter Wardrobe Staples: One of the most consistent rules of fashion is to invest in pieces of high-quality that will last throughout the winter. Look for classically-cut basics in neutral colors such as navy, black, white, brown and tan.  Update your look to honor style trends with accessories of the season. 

Wear fabrics that offer warmth while maintaining a sleek silhouette: Cashmere and silk are luxurious fabrics that will keep you warm without adding unnecessary bulkiness.  Additionally, look for fun pieces made of corduroy, velvet and faux-fur – all in style this season.

Add Color and Style with Accessories:  The best way to wear color this season is to draw attention with purses, jewelry, gloves, scarves and hats... just don’t wear all at once - as Tim Gunn always says, "Edit!"

Buy a great pair of boots! Whether worn beneath your slacks or jeans or over a pair of leggings or patterned tights, knee-high boots effortlessly elongate your body.  Bonus: Boots keep you warm and dry while dressing up any outfit.



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