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Whether you associate stripes with a nautical look (also dubbed the fisherman's top,) the modern classic ad campaigns of Kors Michael Kors, or to the late Coco Chanel who popularized the look… you are powerless not to at least consider this vintage darling for your next purchase.

The classic French navy stripe set against soft white thin and spaced about 2 inches apart is back on the fashion hot list!  The "Breton Stripe" (as it is also called) can also be cleverly disguised with thin or vertical stripes or in an alternate color.

Recently spotted on Eva Mendes and the queen of trend, Kate Moss, this nod to classic France is a perfect example of how two distinctly different body types (a curvaceous siren a waifish nymphet, respectively) can both pull off the ever-so-tricky horizontal stripe.

Tuck it into Bermuda shorts, cinch your mid-section with a thick belt, or let it hang loose and casual. This is a crisp, clean, statement piece, so pair with simple jeans and a fitted blazer of a solid bold color; rock with worn jeans and throw on some leather accessories for an edgier representation. One thing that rings as loud as hundred fog horns: any style coined with this many nicknames obviously has a permanent place in fashion houses and fashionista's closets all over the world. 




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