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As we say farewell to several season’s of high-waisted tailoring, the belt-cinching-waist-of-a-maxi-dress-craze, we eagerly say hello to the influx of unfussy belts and waistlines. Not to diminish the beauty of the former - for it gave us for many months the ability to wake knowing that we had a modern-day corset draped over our closet ready to evoke hourglass figures of screen goddesses past.

At New York and Milan Fashion Week, casual waistlines and drop-waists glided with an effortless breeze, paying homage to the vintage twenties, the liberating sixties, and Sunday afternoons across America (blue jeans and a T-shirt.) The laid back err of casual-chic sexiness is back on deck for this summer and fall, really exciting!

As for the utility of a belt to complement the casual oncoming of silhouette, you will be delighted to see a great variety of sizes, textures, and soft fabrics.  The thin, red patent leather belt of last season is out the window, favoring thicker styles: lace, leather, floral patterns, soft metallics and glorious texture.  




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