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It seems that trends have become so fickle that women are no longer looking within our own closet for fashion, but to our boyfriend’s closet. From boyfriend jeans to boyfriend cardigans - the undone, “I just threw something on” narrative is rendering beautifully the now timeless “I don’t care wear.”

Fashion without fussiness… finally.


Boyfriend Jeans

The trick isn’t to actually wear your boyfriend’s jeans, but select a style that is reminiscent to them.

The look: slightly faded, rolled up to show about three inches of the ankle, and slightly torn here and there.

Wear with: Heels, platforms, flats and a fitted long or short-sleeved tee

Avoid: Bulky or loose fitting tops.


Boyfriend Cardigans

Fall is upon us, so fall into a cozy, casual, Cambridge-inspired boyfriend cardigan.  Great for all body types:  Not only do these cozy sweaters go with everything, but they provide comfortable coverage so you feel confident and fashion-forward no matter what your size or body shape! 

Style: Buttoned, unbuttoned, belted, or as a dress with tights

Wear with: Pencil skirt, slim-fitting jeans, mini skirt and ankle boots


Dress it up or down – you can get away with almost anything with this look!  




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