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When life gets busy, a manicure is often the first beauty treatment we let fly out the window. Because we use our hands for nearly everything we do, we must take good care of their health and appearance even when time slips right through our fingertips!


Nail facts and quick fixes:

    • No base coat?  No worries. Dark nail colors cause temporary discoloration without a base coat.  Permanent discoloration is caused by poor diet, lack of sleep, chlorine, tobacco smoke, etc.  A healthy dietary intake is the best way to ensure clean and healthy looking nails.
    • Myth: "Nails need to breathe."  No, they don't.  Nails are not alive, they do not have pores or gills - so freely rock the polish every day if you want to!
    • Look for colors that transition well from day to night. Wear red with blue undertones if you have pinkish skin, wear red with yellow undertones if you yellowish or olive skin.
    • Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene found in the papaya and mango and will help your nails grow stronger, faster. Can't find tropical fruit?  Look for these nail healthy vitamins in nail products and hand creams.
    • Moisturize hands well to play up the youth factor when rockin' short nails with bold colors. Apply lotion before bed.  Let moisture absorb into your hands overnight without being wiped off.
    • Quick Fix for Chipped Nail Polish:  File it down. (Meaning: "Always carry a nail file!")
    • For Short Nails:  Modern, “designy” colors are vibrant and flirtatious on short nails!  Try turquoise, lavender, coral... careful with blue and greens, these colors can enhance the color of your veins if you have light to medium skin tone.
    • For Brittle Nails: Nails are less likely to break when at a shorter length.

Power Products:

Nourish Cuticles While You Work: Solar Oil by Creative Nails is a fantastic product to use on a daily basis to moisturize cuticles.


Best Skin Softener Hands-Down?  Pure, Unrefined Grade A African Shea Butter.





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