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There is something extremely seductive about the largest country on Earth.  Russia evokes the ultimate mystique of a tumultuous fabled history encompassing communism, desolate Siberia, the Kremlin and the KGB, the iron works of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky… vodka and borscht. And while the history of Russia can conjure a somewhat dreary feeling - new, modern Russia is a frontier of glitz, beauty and fashion. 

Many high-fashion supermodels head to Paris and Milan from the Ukraine, Moscow, and Minsk to liven up the runway with their exaggerated features.  MAC lipglass sells better at the Moscow location than it does at any other MAC store on earth.  Russia is pinning their thumb directly in the eye of the beauty world, and now with the Russia Collection by OPI, you can elevate your fall and winter look with the elegance and depth of enchanting “mother Russia.” 

This season’s army inspired, metallic and adorned fashions are a perfect fit with the matriarch polish brand that has been ruling the nail world with their bold names and colors for many years. The shimmering dark colors add notes of playful opulence to an edgy color palette on queue for fashion in the upcoming cold seasons. 



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