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Improve the overall health of your hair, achieve optimum benefits between salon visits, and use what you have to look the best that you can...

At Home

  • Hold hair dryer 6-8 inches from your hair and move from each section every three seconds to help stop breakage that results from over-heating.
  • Brush hair when dry with a boar bristle brush to stimulate the scalp, maximizing volume.
  • Don’t overload your hair with conditioner. Heavy moisturizers cause major build up and weigh the hair down while making it appear dull.  Alternate a crème rinse with a protein treatment and use deep conditioner twice a week. 

Coloring + Treatments

  • If you are ready for a major change of your hair color, do it in stages.  Drastic change requires chemicals - and too much at once can fry your hair.  Gradually go lighter by first lightening your base tone, then adding highlights.  Plan on going even lighter the next visit.  Do the opposite to go darker using low-lights.
  • If your hair appears brassy and dull, apply a demi-glaze.  This is a semi-permanent hair color with minimal peroxide.  Its purpose is to bring out the natural colors of your hair.

Find the Right Style for Your Style

    Master stylists agree that there are three factors that they take into consideration before creating a new hairstyle for a client:
    • Style of dress
    • Body weight, build, size and shape
    • Shape of face

    Other advice from master hair designers:

  • Avoid a cut that falls just upon your shoulder blades.  Instead, cut hair so it falls either above or below your shoulders.  This elongates the neck creating a slimming effect. 
  • Typically a shaved head or a “pixie” short cut looks the best on petite people with small faces.  Short styles draw attention to your face and frame.


Did you know?  When your hair sheds, new hair grows in its place!  The average person sheds between 60-100 strands every day.  




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