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4 great reasons to love your toothbrush… beyond the fact that it keeps your teeth, gums, and breath, healthy and strong and smiling bright. 

  • Keep eyebrows in place. Just add a tiny dab of styling product, rub into the bristles and brush your eyebrows into place. *The perfect prep when shaping eyebrows with tweezers.
  • Relieve dry or cracks lips.  Soak for five minutes in a glass of warm water, massage lips gently, and follow with unscented lotion or lip balm.
  • Exfoliate.  Apply a gentle exfoliating product evenly, coating the entire face.  With a soft bristled electric toothbrush, massage slowly, upwards and in a circular motion to remove dirt from pores and increase blood circulation.
  • Tame flyaway’s and baby hairs.  Just spritz flexible hold hairspray or styling lotion, let dry for a second, and brush hairs into place. *This is great for piecing hair.  After treating brush with styling product, start at scalp and pull 1/4" section from root to tip.
    • Tip for a cleaner toothbrush: Soak overnight in four ounces of water with a teaspoon of baking soda to remove bacteria from the bristles and wand.
    • Toothbrush trivia... Did you know that the first bristled toothbrush was invented by William Addis of Clerkenald, England in the 16th century? The bone handles boasted intricate carvings and the bristles were made out of swine hair.



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