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Threading originated in India to celebrate special occasions and honor a woman’s rise to adulthood… it is now the choice hair removal technique of Middle Eastern women and is quickly gaining popularity in the west. 

The technique: Threading can be used to remove hair anywhere on the body and face.  A thread is doubled and twisted on both ends, leaving an eyelet in the middle where the target for hair removal is.  The thread is then pulled outward from both ends, minimizing the eyelet and pulling and removing even the finest hair from the follicle. 

The precision of plucking with the speed of waxing:  Unlike plucking, which only pulls out one hair at a time, threading pulls an entire row of hair with one motion. It also causes less long-term damage to the skin than waxing does. Waxing pulls blood to the surface of the skin which leads to hyperpigmentation and causes dark spots.  While both threading and waxing pull at the delicate skin surrounding your eyes, chin, and upper lip, threading doesn’t pull skin between hair follicles, resulting in less long term damage and sagging. 

Bonus: You don’t have to wait for hair to grow to a certain length like you do prior to waxing.

Lasts: About 4 weeks.

FYI: This procedure can be quite painful for some… but it's over in no time. 



Photo Credit: Dana Robinson




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