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Perfect Parts

Changing your part is a fast and easy way to not only change up your hairstyle, but to update your entire look as well. Set your part while your hair is still wet, then blowdry and style to keep the part in place.

Styles of Parts

Side Part—classic and clean! (Also called a “straight part.”) 

To Create: Choose either side to part on, comb 2″ of hair directly back from the hairline, separating the part all the way back to the crown of your head.

Center Part – bohemian chic! Channeling the 60’s and 70’s, this part is sophisticated yet whimsical.

To Create: Comb 2" section of hair straight back from the center of your hairline.  Hold hair at the crown and push upwards, then separate in the middle. Most look best with a semi-jagged, or a slightly off-center part. (A straight line will enhance imperfections in your face structure unless it is perfectly symmetrical… as very few faces are.) Makeup tip: Go light with the makeup – let your part be the star!

Extreme Side Part – stylish and sexy! This is a great part for those of you who fuss with your hair. 

To Create: Find a side part by drawing an imaginary vertical line from your jaw bone up to your hair line. Take a fine tooth comb and create a part line outwards in the shape of a “Y,” sweep the heavy section downward. Hair flair tip: Finish with a barrette, securing the heavy side… half hippie, half school girl.

Zig Zag Part: Great for fine hair, or for covering roots that need a touch up. 

To Create: Start with a side part. Take a fine tooth comb, starting at the hair line, and move backward in the shape of a z, keeping the comb close to the head. Separate.  This part looks best when hair is worn down.  When pulled tightly back, the zig zag looks severe which can look dated—this variation keeps it fresh and fashionable!


The “No-Part,” Part – no muss, no fuss!  

To Create: Flip your head upside down, shake head vigorously and raise your head up, letting hair fall to either side. Create a rough part with your fingers. Blow dry.


Find the Right Part for Your Face Shape:

Oval and Long Faces: These face shapes look best with a side part, a zig-zag part, or a “no-part” part.

Round and Square Faces: Go for a center part, elongating your face and accentuating your features.

Heart-Shaped Faces: Off-center parts let your features and unique face shape shine.



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