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Stop sagging, reduce puffiness, and energize tired eyes. 

Eyes are the best indicator of age, and of course, we all want to look younger (or continue to look young.)  The best way to keep your eyes youthful is to implement a consistent daily eye care regimen.  Here are some other tips to help you to look beautifully rested… when you feel as though your eyelids are sweeping the floor. 

Reduce Sagging

Imagine a piece of bubble gum being stretched apart over and over– it will never go back to its original shape.  Well, the same is true for your skin, namely the skin around your eyes.  Because this is the most tender area of your face, rubbing and pulling will cause long term, irreparable damage.

The Solution:  When applying eye cream, blend towards the bridge of the nose.  If you rub away from the nose it will pull skin causing crow’s-feet and sagging.  Instead of speeding the aging process by continually pulling skin in the direction of gravity and natural growth, counteract it!


Reduce Puffy Eyes

There are many culprits which cause puffy eyes, including heredity, fluid accumulation in the eye area (occurring during sleep), dehydration caused by over-consumption of alcohol, allergies, hormones, etc.  Applying cooling agents along with caffeine for five minutes to each eye will alleviate unwanted puffiness.

Cucumber slices are the time-honored favorite; however they may cause more irritation than benefit for some. Some other gentle at-home eye savers: 

  • Milk.  Soak two cotton balls in cold milk, squeeze excess and place firmly against eyes for five minutes for reducing swelling and water retention. 
  • Tea. Soak two caffeinated tea bags in ice cold water for two minutes then place on eyes for five minutes, (our favorite is caffeinated green tea.) 

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Replace your mascara every three months (or sooner if it dries out.)  When mascara dries out, flaking occurs.  These pesky flakes not only make your eye makeup look messy, but and can land into your eyes causing irritation.  And when your eyes are irritated, you rub them—when you rub them, it accelerates the aging process. 
  • As a general rule with eye treatments; cream is for wrinkles - gel is for puffiness. Light creams are great for reducing wrinkles without adding weight.  Gels are formulated to combat the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and bags.



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