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    The most commonly believed theory about the origin of reflexology is that it was first used as early as 5000 years ago by Chinese healers and by the Ancient Egyptians. Today, it is a service that is popping up in spas, markets, and doctor's offices throughout the world.

    Reflexology a treatment similar to acupressure utilizes the forefinger and thumb of the practitioner to apply pressure on naked skin (naked, as in no lotion or oil) to reduce stress. The pressure applied to the hands or feet then stimulates connectivity between various parts of your body and your brain, helping to heal imbalances and ailments. This internal therapy will also balance your equilibrium, inspiring better posture and increasing circulation, both said to help in creating a more even all-over skin tone. Add a reflexology service to your next manicure or pedicure and see how it benefits you - at the very least, it feels incredible.

For full regulatory information, visit: Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.



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