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Here’s a vacation in one of the closest places I know of- your shower. Yeppers! WorldWide Skin has this fabulous set of Tahitian Skin body wash and lotion. Read On>>

As you all can imagine, my shower stall is a like a product shelf. I’m always looking for the latest and greatest, the best and most fabulous. My latest fave? Hawaiian Skin’s Spotless body wash and Soft body lotion. Read On>>


The Vegan Beauty Review

The authority on all things cruelty-free and fabulous!

Hawaii's calling me once again...

I believe this is my third time reviewing a Hawaiian skin care line and I have to say I am a fan... 

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Punky Mom's

Punky Moms recently had the opportunity to review a few products from Tiny Pores.

Tiny Pores recently introduced “Squeaky” and “Smooth” and asked us to test them out,

not only on baby skin, but on mama skin as well....    > Read Full Article


"I rarely pay top dollar for luxury body products,

but Hawaiian Skin Soft® is worth every penny... and more." 

Sarah P. - Washington, DC

"The Unscented Repairing Lotion is lovely.  It worked nicely on my overly dry

and cracked cuticles and hands. It is very nice for dry skin." 

Sarah F. - Washington DC



"We love Tiny Pores!

Just a little drop goes a long way and produces

so many bubbles, especially nice since our daughter

loves taking baths. The lotion is just as good

for our hands as it is for babies!" 

Ranya & Brad S. - Edmonds, WA


 "I absolutely adore Spotless® body wash by Hawaiian Skin.

The best thing about this product is how hydrated

and dewy my skin feels after getting out of the shower -

I call it a hydrating dynamo!"

Deanna Dylan Scott - Los Angeles, CA

"My daughter absolutely loves Hawaiian Skin body lotion."

-Claudia H. Wisconsin



"My daughter loves Tiny Pores All-Over Baby Body Lotion. She is very sensitive to scents, and this one did not bother her at all.  She also has very sensitive skin, and this lotion left her feeling soft and kept her skin from being dry and itchy.  She asks for it after her bath as it is now her new favorite lotion."

Sarah F. - Washington DC


"I have just recently discovered a new cosmetic line called “Worldwide Skin” and I am only too happy to recommend it. 

First of all because it is a ‘bio’ line with no harmful chemicals. But also because I simply love it!" 

The fragrances of vanilla, blood orange and ylang-ylang of the body lotions bring a feeling

of Hawaiian vacation to your bathroom. And the texture is so rich it does really wonders for the skin:

we had a really cold winter in Paris and my skin got quite dry, going from cold to heated interiors, although I never

go without a body milk. Now I have found a perfect solution, and a very pleasurable one.”

Nicole, Fashion Consultant; Paris, France



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